4 Team Building Ideas in Bangkok Your Team Will Love


Challenge your team’s communication and creativity sustainably in the heart of Siam? Are you looking for team-building ideas and experiences that will wow your team building and take bonding to the next level in Bangkok?
The following sustainable activities will not only unify and strengthen your team, but they can also double as a tool for your company to help create impact in local Thai communities. Think that sounds like a good idea? You’re in the right place.

At HiveSters, we love to help teams “think outside the box” for every excursion. We’ve seen many companies boost creativity and production levels amongst group members through our socially impactful and sustainable experiences. As an award-winning travel social enterprise, we’ve worked with clients like the UNWTO, UOB Travel, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, UNDP and many more happy clients. We are eager to help other companies achieve the same results.

Choose from the following fun activities, where team participants can actively engage with the residents and ‘local masters’ of communities in various hidden Bangkok neighbourhoods, or craft your own. Not only do you play a role in helping to promote and preserve Thai heritage and culture; your team will come away with priceless memories and a new understanding of life in a local community.

Culture Amazing Race

Ever thought you could see yourself competing in The Amazing Race series? Or, are you just dying to push yourself out of your comfort zone? For the more adventurous (and competitive) groups, try our HiveSters version where cultural activities will put those teamwork skills to the test. In the Culture Amazing Race, teams are split into small groups to explore some off-the-beaten-path areas in a search for clues. Along the way, complete challenges such as a crafting workshop and learning a traditional dance with locals in the community and let your team test their performance in the face of new and unique obstacles.

Game of (Local) Thrones

Fans of fantasy may want to unleash their inner warrior with a Game of (Local) Thrones as teams create their own ‘house’ costumes using recycled and sustainable materials and prepare to battle it out for the crown and the heart of the community ‘Queen.’ Whoever can score the highest number of points through local missions wins! Not only will you have fun gaining new skills and knowledge from exploring a hidden side of the city; everyone also gets to help support local livelihoods and cultural traditions all the way to the finish line.

Local Cooking Battle

If there’s one thing that people can easily bond over, it is food. Thai food is renowned worldwide for its distinctive flavours that many enjoy as an ubiquitous and tasty representation of Thai culture. Want to dive deep into local flavors? Turn up the heat in a Cooking Battle to see which team can make the best authentic gaeng kiew wan (Thai green curry), pad Thai, mango sticky rice or other winning authentic Thai recipes from scratch as guided by local aunties! To add to the challenge, local aunties will guide teams in Thai. Not only is it a fun challenge, but educational. Teams will pocket home plenty of Thai cooking knowledge and tips on creating authentic Thai tastes.

Foodie Fun Treasure Hunt

Because you can’t go wrong with food, especially local Thai food, consider taking your team on this “foodie tour” with an active scavenger spin. HiveSters has curated the most delicious dishes that we know of for our memorable Food Treasure Hunt. Find and fill your bellies with a variety of traditional treats as you follow a trail of clues that will lead your teams traipsing down a series of non-touristic, local and hidden shops. Discover the same joints that locals go to eat in your search, including many generations-old locally famous shops. Delicious, informative, and fun — a winning recipe for success while helping to support income to local family restaurants.

We are advocates of socially impactful team building because we’ve seen so many positive results in the past. Teams grow, local communities benefit, relationships are forged and everyone comes away feeling positive and empowered.

Do any of these ideas appeal to you? We can work with teams of all sizes. Alternatively, let us craft the team building activity of your dreams with our Customized Team Building option. We stand ready to help make impactful & socially conscious team building a reality for you.Contact us for more details: bookme@hivesters.com

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