Creative Culture


Introducing our latest Creative Culture – Youth Program!

With HiveSters’s mission to preserve and flourish Thai culture, we believe that the new generation plays a vital role in safeguarding culture. Many local traditions died out because the next generation doesn’t want to continue.

That’s why we contribute 5% of our annual profit from sustainable local tours to initiate the “Creative Culture Youth program” to connect the two generations, the old and the new, to sustain and innovate local culture. Not only do the students have more pride in the local traditions, but also gain new skills such as teamwork, creativity and grit.

Bringing Culture to School

Creative Culture
Bring local culture to school

HiveSters partnered with the school in the local community to bring local culture into school through hands-on workshops. Similar to an extracurricular activity, we invited a local master to teach their culture to students once a week. Then, let’s the students bring in their creativity into the traditional practices and create a new art piece. The program has been uniquely designed into 4 phases to cover 1 school semester. 

Our pilot program is at Talat Noi community, Bangkok where we teamed up with Auntie Jeab from Heng Seng, a 100-year-old handmade pillow shop and Wat Patumkongka school.

#1 Get to know the local community & culture

We brought the little culture heroes (aka students) to learn more about their community with auntie through a community trip where the students get a chance to know deeper about their community and the story behind it and visit Heng Seng, a 100-year-old pillow maker shop. 

#2 Pass on the heritage

It’s time for the heart-to-hand workshop! Auntie Jeab, the pillow-making master and the 3rd generation of Heng Seng 100-year-old pillow shop, came to school to teach students how to make the mini vintage pillow in a traditional way step by step, side by side. 

Apart from learning more about their community culture, the activity also supports the child’s cognitive development as well as equip them with the new embroidery skills.

After many hours of effort, the students eventually achieved making their own vintage pillow!

#3 Let’s innovate creative culture!

Finally, it’s time for our little culture heroes to use their creativity and imagination to innovate the culture!

After the students successfully learnt the traditional way to craft their own vintage pillows with Auntie Jeab, the next step is to have them use their creativity & imagination to brainstorm innovative ideas to create new products based on what they previously learnt.

The students had such a good time. One group even came up with an idea to make the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet! 

#4 Bring ideas to life!

Then the time came to take their ideas and bring them to life.

With the help of Auntie Jeab and the mentors from Hivesters, the students worked on their ideas together; from cutting fabrics, puzzling all the pieces together, to all the stitching was done.

The end products were as amazing as the students, who proudly showcased utensil pouches, mobile phone bags, vintage document folders and finally worthy of a special price we had Thanos Infinity Gauntlet!

What the students learnt from this project is not just the heritage of their community but also new skill sets, how to work together as a team, accountability, friendship and the pride of achievement.

At the same time, it brought happiness to our local master to be able to share the disappearing craft to youth and gained innovative ideas which she can build on further for her shop.

We couldn’t be more proud of our little culture heroes! They did so great!

Thank you Wat Patumkongka school and Auntie Jeab for working with us to make this project come to life.

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