Embrace a new Perception! New Seeing Hands Massage in BKK


For most people who visit Bangkok, and for many who live here, getting a Thai massage is usually pretty high up on the to-do list. This city offers a massive selection of options when it comes to getting a massage. One that stands out, and a relative new-comer on the scene, is Perception Blind Massage. Located on Sathorn Road, this chicly decorated establishment provides excellent massage services at reasonable prices while simultaneously sending an important message: visually impaired people are just as capable as anyone else to excel at the delicate art of massage

In Thailand, people that suffer from visual impairment face societal marginalization and the lack of a comprehensive social support system means that only few opportunities for work are available to them. A career as a massage therapist is one path that could provide income as well as a sense of pride and belonging. However, many trained blind or visually impaired massage therapists still struggle to find work since there is widespread misunderstanding and prejudice towards their impairment. Perception Blind Massage believes that they are not only providing employment for blind or visually impaired therapists but also allow them to demonstrate their unique talent for massage therapy as they are able to focus their sense of touch in a way others cannot.” 

The space itself is chic, modern, clean and elegant. According to Perception Blind Massage “our dark interior design is inspired by the disability of the therapists, while still making you feel comfortable, serene and allowing you to sink into the deeper state of relaxation.”

So, if your back or feet are aching, you need to relax, or for whatever reason you need a massage (but let’s face it, you don’t need an excuse!), check out Perception Blind Massage and embrace ultimate relaxation with the added comfort of knowing that you are supporting a great initiative.

Perception Blind Massage is located on Sathorn Soi 8, above Dexter Café & Bar. They are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm and offer Thai massage, foot massage, and aromatherapy massage.Check out here for more details! 


Our Writer- Sid, Sidney Jhingran
Sid is an activist in sustainable travel.. He has lived in Bangkok for 2 years, working for an NGO promoting ethical and sustainable travel in the region, and trying to immerse himself in Thailand as much as possible. Beyond a love for history, culture, and travel Sid also enjoys being outdoors, especially hiking and exploring, and can often be found jamming out on the guitar/ukulele.

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