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5 Reasons Your Mother is the Best Traveling Buddy You Could Ask For

Thailand’s mother day is quickly approaching on August 12. Have you arranged any travel plans with your mom yet? This would be a great opportunity to go on an adventure with your mom because she’s the best traveling buddy! Without further ado, let’s delve right into the topic!


1. She will gladly travel with you if you ask



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Finding a companion to go on a trip with you can be difficult at times. Your friends could be either busy with their careers or they could be under tight budget. Solo-traveling is an option, but traveling alone could also be too lonely. Thus, why not just try asking your mother to go out on an adventure? Although your mother’s age and preference will play a role in the decision, I can guarantee that you could be surprised by how gladly and easily she accepts your invitation.

2. She will gladly be your personal sponsor for the trip


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Budget constraints. These two simple words can easily end all the dreamy expectations you have for an amazing holiday vacation. Traveling is a luxury, so it’s normal to cut costs by staying in less preferable accommodation or have a limiting budget for food and shopping. However, your mom would gladly treat you to an upgrade to both where you will be staying and eating simply because it’s more convenient for her. You might even receive an unexpected gift if you showed interest in something while shopping.


3. She will always have your back if you forget or lost something


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I’m sure there are times that you are annoyed by how picky and organized your mom is at home. Yet, you could never know when these characteristics could save you from lots of headaches. If you catch a cold during the trip, she’ll have medicine ready for you. When it rains, you can be sure that she packed an extra umbrella just in case. Imagine if you spilled coffee on yourself and you don’t have tissue wipes to clean it up. If you are traveling with your mother, you would not have to worry because she will definitely have whatever you needed prepared. You can also expect your mom to finish packing and checking that everything is ready to go when you slept in and had to rush to continue packing.


4. She will be looking forward to catch up and share fun memories with you


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We can all agree that work life is busy. It is understandable if your mother-child relationship lack the opportunity to actually spend time and catch up after all these years. Having your mother as a traveling buddy will allow for the perfect time to develop strong bonds from new opportunities, settings, and activities. You can expect to have awesome memories to share and bring up to conversations in the future.


5. She knows what to expect out of you


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You don’t need to worry that your traveling buddy would complain about any of your weird personalities if your mom is that buddy. She dealt with your crazy personalities ever since you were a baby without any complaints. She knows that you snore during your sleep and it’s tough to wake you up in the morning. Even with any of these unpleasant characteristics, she knows that you try your best to always make the trip the most valuable experience she could ask for.


So, what are you waiting for? Take your mom out on a trip of a lifetime as her present for this year’s mother’s day. There are lots of activities that you and your mom can enjoy together such as whale watching, ceramics class, visiting Klong Lad Mayom floating market for a nice paddle boat ride and awesome food, and many more! If you need help, you should check out for fun activities on mothers’ day!


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