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World's smallest leaf kite (without structure)



Hua Takhe is a recommended destination for kite enthusiasts. It is a home of Uncle Weera, aka Uncle Kite, a fascinating and knowledgeable local expert, and the owner of the smallest leaf kite (without structure) in the world! He first became interested in kite when he was 10 only years old. Although he didn't know how to fly a kite then, he continued to practice and learn by himself over the years.


He then told us that Chula kites are popular here in Hua Takhe because they're sustainable, and the materials are acquired naturally! However, the process of making kites is not as easy as it looks, since it requires both patience and time.


"The most important thing about making kite is the structure, and it's gotta be made of bamboo", Uncle Kite told us enthusiastically, "And the best bamboo is 3-4-year-old Bambusa Arundinacea from the center of the clump, so that its' not exposed to the sun, it's soft, and it's glutinous"



"And as a matter of fact, I cut those bamboo myself", he added "The perfect ones are in the province of Nakorn Nayok. Then I let them dry for the next 4 months in the sun, so that they're dry, light-weighted and can eventually fly up".


Sadly, kites aren't popular as much as it used to be. People have moved on to enjoying something else as time passes. Therefore, kites might disappear soon, but with your help, Uncle Kite and the community of Hua Takhe can continue this unique artsy tradition of kite-making. So let's join together and make it APPEAR.