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Strolling at Klongtoey local market

Want to experience the real Thai style local market at any time of the day? Go to the Klongtoey market either at 4am or 4pm or 10pm!

Our family have to cook for several persons per day and my dad normally go to this market to buy ingredients in bulk. Why this place? Klongteoy market offer almost everything you need at the cheapest price at anytime of the day! This is the biggest wholesale market that Bangkokians come to buy all kinds of local vegetables, tropical fruits, hundred types of chillies, tofu, beans meats and even live chickens! It has the ambience of what local market in Thailand is - from hectic of people shouting, bargaining and selling the stuffs. Even as a Thai, I enjoy walking around and see lives of each person in the market. 

The market is situated on Rama 4 road and every taxi will know where it is. Just say Talad- Klong - Teoy and one of the taxi will be able to take you there. Talad means market, klong means canal and teoy means pandan. Once at the market, watch out for the dirty water splash from the ground too!  


Spice up ur life!

Meet the fruit auntie. She offers either pineapple or watermelon only!

If Bangkok has über, easy Taxi, Grab Taxi, Motor Taxi…Klongteoy has veggie taxi. 

Hand made flower garlands. Everytime a car passes by, she moved her basket and moved back to the same spot.

Grilled sticky rice or Khoa-Jee in Thai (ข้าวจี่) It is made of a patty of sticky rice coated with egg grilled with a pinch of salt