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Cultural Preservation & Growth

HiveSters is an award-winning travel social enterprise founded with a mission to preserve and help Thai culture flourish by empowering local masters to share Thai culture to the world through sustainable tourism. HiveSters works like a beehive, a hub of culture heroes that works together to help preserve local culture both from the inside out and from the outside in. We cherish their local traditions, develop sustainable tourism programs and train the locals in essential knowledge and skills that can help them continue local practices sustainably such as entrepreneurship, storytelling and customer service.



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  • We're not afraid to have fun!
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job openings

Assistant Project Manager (5 months contract)


Assistant project manager at HiveSters is essential in continuing our project success.  You will be supporting the Project Manager, with a primary focus on planning, organising and managing the project and ensuring an efficient and smooth run of the project. 

This individual will also coordinate and engage with our project stakeholders such as clients, media makers, content editors, trainers and logistics. 

Project timing: Now – December 2021 

For this to happen you have responsibilities including: 

  • Assist Project Manager in planning and leading the project. 
  • Liaise with our project stakeholders such as videographers, content writers, photographers and clients. 
  • Work with an internal team to crunch data and bring all the creative juice to deliver outputs in market research, branding, strategy and marketing. 
  • Assist in planning and organising workshops and meetings.  
  • Manage the daily communication and inquiries from external parties. 
  • Manage the logistical operations of the project. 
  • Write a project summary report in Thai. 
  • Other responsibilities will of course arise from time to time, but this keeps things interesting!


  • You are someone who is passionate about what we do, sustainable tourism and the communities we are working with, but you also understand we are a social enterprise and bring with you a commercial and impact mindset.
  • It goes without saying that you are a highly organised multitasker, great attention to detail, flexible who loves a changing environment. 
  • You have strong leadership, problem-solving skills, and are able to anticipate problems before they become problems. 
  • You have an innovative personality, with a strong project management background. 
  • You have great communication skills. You love talking and meeting with various types of people.“ People person” that’s what you are known for. 
  • 2+ years of experience working in managing projects. Previous experience in marketing/ advertising/ tourism or a related field would be a plus. 
  • You have good written and spoken communication skills in both English and Thai. You are able to write an official writing style in Thai for the project report. You’re mature and can take ownership of your work including successes and mistakes!
  • Undergraduate degree minimum. Marketing, business, tourism or a related field would be a plus. 
  • Opportunity to extend the contract, depending on personal performance. 

Submit a cover letter, resume and portfolio (if any) at – attention Achiraya Thamparipattra. 

Application closed: July 9, 2021
Work starting date: August 2, 2021 

Hope to see you soon!
HiveSters Team 😘

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